Our Commitment To You

Thank you for putting your trust in us during these uncertain times. We are committed to keeping you and our employees safe. To do so, we are implementing the following procedures:



  • Thoroughly detail-clean / sanitize entire facility daily

  • Procedures implemented to increase frequency of clean and sanitize surfaces. Specific sanitizing schedules logged throughout the day.

  • Between seating’s, clean and sanitize table condimentstabletops and common touch areas. Single-use items discarded. 

  • Restrooms checked regularly; cleaned and sanitized based on frequency of use. 

  • Hand sanitizer readily available to employees and guests. 

  • Menus available on-line with QR codes. Single use paper copies are also available.

  • Increased use of Portion Control “PC” Condiments: S&P, Straws, Ketchup, Mustard.

  • Technology use: Touchless Pay, QR Code Menus, On-line Ordering, Electronic Waitlist.

Food Safety

  • We will continue to follow all FDA & KDA Food Safety Guidelines.

  • We will change, wash and sanitize utensils frequently.

  • Avoid all food contact surfaces when using disinfectants. 

Social Distancing

  • Floor plans redesigned to accommodate 6 distancing

  • Curbside Delivery to continue as re-opening begins.

  • Waiting procedureselectronic waitlist, outdoor distancing and waiting in cars.

  • Greeter positioned at front door to facilitate Social Distancing

  • Signs posted to control ingress/egress through doorways

  • Social Distancing observed in Bar Area.

Employee Health & Personal Hygiene

  • Per FDA Food Code requirement, employees who are sick should remain at home. 

  • Employee pre-work health screenings will be conducted each shift.

  • Employees are not allowed to work with a temperature over 100.4 degrees. 

  • Face coverings will be used by employees that come within 6′ of guests.

  • Employees understand how to wash hands and the importance of high frequency.

  • Sanitizers will be approved to kill Covid-19 and contain minimum 65% alcohol.

  • Employees are coached to not touch their face and sneeze / cough into sleeve.

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